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About Us

Since 1989, the distillery has been located in Malmö. Mainly we sell finished products of own brands, finished goods, in cooperation with other brands but we also sell a variety of tastes, flavors and distillates to other companies in the market. We have a long experience and knowledge in distillates and seasoning, which is one of the biggest reasons why our customers buy our seasoning for their products or purchases any of our own spirits.

We have around 2000 unique recipes with different flavor combinations for spirits, distillates and seasoning. But we´re always developing our offering in all segments to find new unique products.

Our three main mottos we work for are:
1. Preferring local ingredients, natural ingredients and no artificial flavors.
2. From raw material to finished product.
3. Provide pure flavors.

Our three mottos gives results which we have proven many times not only with satisfied customers bul also with awards in the annual Wine and Spirits competion.

Take a look at our products or visit us for a tour of in our distillery!
Darom AB
Elbegatan 4, 211 20 Malmö
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